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Tips for moving into a nursing home

Moving Tips

Moving into a new environment is certainly very stressful for the average person. However, an undue amount of stress is placed on a senior that is moving from their own home into a nursing home. The senior was probably living a very independent lifestyle in their own home that was filled with plenty of warm memories about their family. Now, they are going to leave the comforting atmosphere of their home and move to unfamiliar territory. The fact is that it is important for the family to help reduce the tension and lighten some of the load connected with moving. Here is more on the subject.

Make Plans Ahead Of Time

Get the family involved and help the senior make plans for the move to the nursing home. Never wait till the last minute to plan the move. This places far too much stress on the senior and the rest of the family. Start planning the move at least 6 months in advance, more if possible. Start getting rid of all the clutter in the home. The senior probably has decades of clutter that should be discarded, given to family members, or donated to a charity organization.


Get rid of all the items. Stack them in 3 piles. One pile is for things to discard, another is a pile to donate to charity or family, the last is a pile to keep. Those piles might include clothing, jewelry, furniture, electronics, gadgets, appliances, and other odds and ends. Make sure that the senior is aware of the items going into the piles and agrees with the distribution of their belongings.


Make sure that family members are involved with the move. Contact the moving company a few weeks ahead of the scheduled move and make sure that the plans are firm for the assigned moving day. Select an alternate moving day too for any unexpected circumstances that might delay the move. Make sure that the nursing home is aware of the moving date too, and ready to receive their new resident. Get organized and label and pack boxes involved with the move. Pack a personal moving bag for the senior to take along with them. This personal bag should include essential toiletries, sleeping gear, and fresh clothing.


Settling the elderly parent or relative into a nursing home is stressful and disturbing to the family and the senior. Therefore, it is a wise move to make the move with the senior. Travel to the location or take the senior there personally. Talk to the staff and get to know them. Discuss anything that you think is vital for the staff members to know. Help your senior settle into their new home and arrange their belongings and decorate their room with personal items.

If you are thinking about moving a senior parent or other loved one to a nursing home, the tips included here should help with the transition and make the move a less stressful event for the senior and the rest of the family. Great White Moving Company’s mission is to make your move as stress-free as possible. Give us a call today, or request a free quote, to get started on planning your next move.

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