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Moving involves a lot of work and expenses. To avoid all the hassles and stress, you will need to create a checklist and gather some resources for your big day. When creating your list, moving boxes should be at the top since they are among the moving expenses. Other expenses range from hiring a relocation firm to renting storage units.

You should understand that the entire process of moving to your dream home comes with essential but cringe-worthy expenses. Luckily, there are various ways that can help you avoid spending significant amounts of money on moving boxes. With the exception of the special-size boxes created to fit specific mirrors and televisions, you can potentially move your home around the Dallas-Fort Worth area in free moving boxes as well.

The area has an affordable cost of living, and it is home to various professional sports teams. In 2017, the Dallas-Fort Worth was the fastest growing area in the United States with about 300,000 US citizens relocating to it. If you are planning to relocate to this great area, minimize your expenses by getting free moving boxes from the following places.

Office Supply

Most office supplies are shipped in sturdy boxes which means that they come with many packing materials that the stores don’t reuse. It means that visiting spots such as Staples and OfficeMax is a perfect way to getting some the excellent moving boxes for free. You should ask about boxes that printer or copier papers are shipped in. These boxes are excellent for carrying anything from pans to books and pots to DVDs. Most of these moving boxes have lids, so you only require minimal tape.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are other places to get free moving boxes. The moment you decide to move, you should start asking the local grocery stores their next shipment date or the available boxes. For example, banana and apple boxes are both solid and excellent to help you pack some of your items that need air-breathe. For you to be on the safer side, you will need to keep in mind the date of their shipment as confirmed since you are not the only one looking for the same item.

Book Stores

Books are always shipped in boxes of all sizes and shapes. These boxes must be strong enough for they carry are bulky. Most stores get their shipment once or twice a week, but if you are living near a major city, chances are the shipments come regularly. You should ask around any book stores in your area for the free moving boxes.

Pharmacy or Chemist

Pharmacy or chemist is another ideal place for getting free packing boxes. These facilities are in most cases equipped with the boxes they use to ship their items. You will need to make inquiries and track their respective shipment dates, like the one in the grocery stores.

All the boxes vary in shape and size, and you can easily stack them to allow it to enter each other if you are planning to pack more at a go. Other places where you can get free moving boxes include bars and restaurants, liquor stores, toy stores, home improvement stores, recycling centers, local schools, U-Haul box exchange, and box buildings.

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