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Moving Seniors To A New Space

Moving Tips

Moving to a new home can be stressful for anyone, and seniors are no exception. Whether you’ve only moved once in your life or moved many times, the process can be tiring and sometimes seem like an insurmountable situation to deal with. However, as is the case for moving your own home or office, planning ahead for the day of the move and planning to use a professional moving service can make a world of difference.

Deciding on Housing

For a senior member of your family, you and they may know far ahead of time that a move will be necessary, for financial, health, or other reasons. When this is the case your first decision together will probably be where the best place to move for them is.

The answer to this can depend on many factors. Perhaps your senior family member needs professional care, such as at an assisted living community, or perhaps they just need to be moved closer to other family members.

Be sure to visit the prospective options before making a decision if possible. If your senior family member will be moving to a facility, be sure to take a tour ahead of time. If they’re moving to a new home closer to family, explore the area nearby to make sure that there are places for recreation, medical attention, and other needs close by.

Selling a Home

You’ll also need to consider whether your senior would like to sell their home before the move or after. Determining when to put a house on the market can make a big difference in how far ahead you should start moving preparations such as cleaning and packing.

You’ll also need to ensure any necessary repairs are completed on time, and whether or not your senior family member would like sell any items, large or small, before their move. This can be an important decision, especially if they are moving from a house to a smaller living area, such as an assisted living facility.

Preparing to Pack

Packing can be very stressful for anyone who has accumulated beloved items throughout their lifetime. If some things are difficult to sell, consider helping your senior find friends or family to whom they can gift some items where these gifts will continue to be cherished.

This can help what may be a anxious task of giving up something you love into something that brings family members closer together and helps ease the stress of change. This process is different for everyone, so be sure to take the time needed to talk about it with your senior family member.

When packing, be sure to take extra special care to keep items safe that your senior family member decides to take with them. One of the safest options is to use a moving service.

Using a Professional Moving Company

Professional moving companies offer a lot of advantages that renting a truck and moving things yourself does not. Moving companies have special equipment that makes moving heavy furniture easier and safer (for you and the furniture).

In addition, reputable moving companies should be fully insured to protect you and your items. Many moving services are also experienced at moving special items, such as pianos, that your senior family member may need moved as well.

Moving In

Make sure to help your senior family member make their new living area into a home as well. Label boxes to make unpacking faster and easier. Be sure to communicate with your movers about where things should go to make arranging the new home easier, too.

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