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Tips For Moving Your Dog

Moving Tips

We all know that moving can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for you and your family, but have you considered your pet in the process? The reason the dog is man’s best friend is because they feed off of the emotions of their humans, including their stress. Not to mention, imagine how confused a dog would be to watch their home be packed up into boxes. If your dog can sense when you are leaving for work or for out of town, they can sense the big shift that is coming during the moving process. Here are a few tips for helping your dog transition as smoothly as possible.

Consider The Changing Environments

The home that you live in is likely to be what your dog knows most about the world. If that environment is about to drastically change, consider ways to prepare you pet by acclimating it to some of those changes. If this new environment is going to require a new behavior for your dog, start training it on those new standards now. For instance, if your dog is currently allowed to run out of the back door into a yard whenever it is opened but you are now moving into an apartment, start training your dog to sit by the door to get leased before running out. If there will be new noises, start introducing those changes before you move.

Double Down On Security

We would all love to believe that our dogs would be able to find us no matter where we are. Unfortunately, real life is not always like Homeward Bound, and we have to take special precautions to prepare for the traumatic event of a lost pet. Microchipping your pet is one of the best ways to combat not only a lost pet, but a (knock on wood) stolen pet as well. In addition to a microchip, always having a collar and dog tag with your current information can help get your pet back to you as soon as possible if in the event it gets lost, especially considering your pet will be unfamiliar with the new environment all together.

Know the Rules

Pet laws vary not only from state to state, but each county, neighborhood, and apartment complex is likely to have its own set of rules that you should be aware of. Even if your landlord is okay with your pet, you should check up on local laws and your own renters or homeowners insurance policy. You definitely want to be aware of any issues ahead of time so that you can prepare for them and plan accordingly.

Moving Day

One of the best things you can do for your pet on the actual move day is have it at a different location where it feels calm and secure. This is not just in order to care for your dog emotionally, but physically as well. With people going in and out of your home carrying boxes and furniture, it leaves a lot of room for an accident to occur. Let someone who can focus on your pet take care of it for the day so that you can take care of what you need to without worrying about your faithful friend too much. This can also help reduce your pet’s anxiety as they won’t have to sit back and watch its entire world be hauled out of the door. Keeping your pet safe and in a calm stable environment will greatly help create a smooth moving process for you and for them.

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