Staying Organized During Your Move

Staying Organized During Your Move

Moving Tips

Moving is an exciting process. It’s also a deeply detailed process. Anyone planning to move needs to be extremely organized. They need to know what’s going to happen before, during and right after the move. Before doing anything else, each person should start by getting on handle on what needs to be done. It’s a good idea to establish a timeline. It’s also a good idea to pay special attention to the needs of everyone in the family including the family pet. Proper attention to details both large and small as well as an overall plan helps any move flow more smoothly and quickly.

Nail Down a Moving Date

One of the first things anyone should do is nail down a moving date. Sometimes, this can be hard. It’s not always clear when the closing will happen. A buyer on your existing home may back out of the deal. However, it’s best to press all concerned to get this date in order as soon as possible. Ideally, you should have at least a month’s notice. This way, you have at least four weeks to do things such as hire a moving van and begin creating a list of necessary supplies.

Your Supplies

Your supplies are a crucial part of the move’s organization. You’ll need to have items such as boxes, tape, markers and rubber bands on hand. You should also items such as measuring tape that lets you measure the exact size of every single room and scissors so you can cut through things once you’re there as quickly as possible and start unpacking. It’s useful to set up a specific area in your home that is devoted solely to moving supplies. This way, you’ll know exactly what you have on hand and what you need as you move.

The Week of the Move

The week of the move is when you’ll really need to organize your organization skills. Set aside a survival box or two. This is where all the stuff you need immediately goes right now. This is where you keep a few changes of clothing, your computer, your phone and snacks. It’s also where you’ll want to keep a file indicating important information about the destination. Print out a hard copy of a map of the area in case you have problems with cell service. The file should also contain specifics such as school phone numbers and the name of your doctor and vet. If you’re moving with kids, this is the place to keep things that make them happy and keep them occupied. Ask them to pick out several toys they like best along with other items such as bedding. This will make their adjustment easier when you arrive at your destination.

The Day of the Move

The day of the move is when you want to head into top flight mode. Get a good night’s sleep. Then, do all the last minute details you need done such as getting all the food out of the fridge out and doing any remaining cleaning. You’ll be ready to face the move happy and organized.

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