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Avoiding Injuries While Moving

Moving Tips

Few people have ever stated that they met their soulmate while helping their friends move. It’s rare that your coworkers are raving around the water cooler on Monday about the spread of canapes and appetizers you provided when they agreed to help you move. Furthermore, the guy who owns the pickup truck no doubt spent the last two days questioning whether he or she needs a pickup truck in their life.

The fact of the matter is that moving is no fun for you, your family or your friends if you’re able to enlist their help. That being said, the only thing that can make the experience worse for many is an unforeseen injury. Outside of those that commit felony insurance fraud, nobody plans for accidents. There are, however, many steps that can be taken to ensure that your move will, at the very least, not prove injurious.

Do You Really Want to Do This Yourself?

In order to nearly guarantee that you’ll have an accident free move, you need proper equipment. This includes a functioning truck as well as a substantial assortment of other tools like gloves, dollies, lifting belts and more. While most people certainly insist on packing for themselves, do you really want to do the heavy lifting (or even the light lifting) yourself?

While this may not be an option for some financially, when looking into the cost of your move, shop around a little. Add opportunity cost and look into what it would take to have bonded and licensed professionals do it for you. This would certainly save yourself a great deal of worry and stress. There is a likely chance that hiring professional movers is well worth your time and money. If, however, this is not an option; the aforementioned equipment is key in making your move safe for you, your family, or whomever you convinced to assist you.

If It Feels too Heavy to Lift, It is Too Heavy to Lift

Remember, lifting is not carrying. Lifting something to save time or lifting something while someone else is outside at the truck is the source of many an accident. Exercise patience and ask for help. Simply holding a fifty-pound box is an entirely different animal from carrying that same box down the stairs and into place in a truck. Don’t show off, and don’t cut corners. Before you pick anything up, ask yourself if the path is clear. Is there any danger of stepping on something? By the time you’ve asked that question, you’ll likely have help. If even the faintest doubt exists, play it safe.

Water, Food, Stretching, and Kids

This is simply an exercise in common sense. Have water on hand for everyone helping you move, and be sure to drink it. Ideally, serve bottles of water at room temperature. This eliminates condensation and possible falls. Eat and snack. Moving is strenuous, so don’t attempt it on an empty stomach. Stretch first; you’re no longer the football or cheerleader team captain. Think twice before you attempt to lift 200 pounds by yourself without first stretching.

Don’t have kids anywhere near your move when you or others are lifting heavy furniture. Last but not least, if you promised your friends drinks to help, reserve the libation for after the heavy lifting. Try to say, “Let’s get the heavy stuff out of the way first” rather than, “Jim, you need another beer.”

Moving can be as safe or as perilous as you make it. For many, that safety means watching others do it for them. If you’re looking to eliminate the risk of injury from your move altogether, consider letting Great White Movers handle the lifting. You can obtain a free quote here to see if this option is financially viable for you.

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