Child Packing up her favorite Stuffed Animals

Tips and Tricks for Packing Stuffed Animals and Plushies

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Most kids worldwide really love stuffed animals. They are an essential part of children’s lives as they grow. You will find as kids grow, you purchase different types of stuffed toys at various stages of life; over time, these toys accumulate and can be very hectic to sort and pack when you decide to move.

The process of sorting and packing stuffed toys can be stressful, especially if you are unsure which ones to keep and which to throw away or donate. You should engage your child in the packing process to know which ones they want to keep, donate or throw away.

It would be best if you allocated enough time to pack these toys to maximize all the space in either boxes or bags. Here are some helpful tips and tricks that you can use to make packing all these fuzzy friends more convenient.

1. Categorize and Catalogue the Beloved Toys

Stuffed animals are quick to multiply in number. They are adorable and soft and kids always feel as though they can never have too many. As the number increases, they take up a lot of storage space, especially if you are moving to another house.

The first step is to go through all the stuffed animals and sort out which ones to keep, throw away, or donate, i.e., the ones your child rarely uses and are still in good condition. Its best to do this with them. It can be helpful to explain that they wont all fit at the new house and that they can give some to kids who are less fortunate and do not have many toys. This can help them be less reluctant to let go of their favorite toys.

2. Disconnect Batteries from all the Plushies

One critical step is disconnecting batteries from the stuffed animals with extra abilities, i.e., dancing, walking, singing, etc. Removing the batteries from the stuffed animals prevents them from damaging the housing battery unit or the toys due to leakage or corroding.

Secondly, the sounds made by the toys can be very irritating to hear, especially if you are moving over a long distance. Imagine a toy going off inside a box while you are driving to your new home and you cant access it to shut it off. That would be very annoying!

3. Clean the Plushies you Decide to Keep

The next step is to clean all the stuffed animals you decide to keep. You can clean them at your nearest dry cleaning store that accepts plush toys.

If there is not enough time to clean the stuffed animals before the move, It is advisable to dust the stuffed animals thoroughly before packing them. A vacuum cleaner can be used to quickly remove dust from the toys.

4. Set Aside a Few Favorite Stuffed Animals

You can set aside a few of your children’s favorite stuffed toys so they can continue using them until the move is over, noting stuffed animals and other beloved toys are a great deal of comfort for young children. The ones you set aside can also ride with your children during the actual move themselves to keep them happy and occupied.

5. Pack the Stuffed Animals

The last step is to pack your child’s toys most securely, which can be achieved through the following steps.

  • Line the box with wrapping paper, ensuring you cover all the sides. The advantage is that plush toys are light so a large cardboard box or container can be used.
    Use clean garbage bags to store the stuffed animals, protecting them from moisture during the moving process.
  • Ensure all the stuffed toys are completely dry before placing them in plastic bags to protect them from mold and moisture.
  • Place the toys inside the plastic bags depending on the size, i.e. little stuffed can go into one plastic bag. Make sure you don’t overfill the plastic bags or the stuffed animals may come out of the bags with strange shapes or lumps. Once done, seal the plastic bags and place them in the lined cardboard box or container your using to move them.
  • Fill the card box with stuffed animals that have already been packed in the plastic bags making sure you do not squish the toys Make sure to close the box with tape and label it.


Note plush toys can be a good cushion for other toys that are more fragile or prone to damage. You can also use them to fill empty spaces in boxes that you do not want shifting around during moving.

Stuffed animals are essential to children and help them grow, show compassion, and can be used as learning instruments. Parents should strive to find ways to maintain their children’s stuffed animals collection. We hope the information above will be helpful for parents that have seen it cumbersome dealing with stuffed toys, especially when moving.

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