garage sale before a family makes a big move

Tips for Holding a Pre-Move Garage Sale

Moving Tips

Moving can be stressful. It involves packing your belongings, sorting them together, and ensuring that no stuff is damaged. However, if you want to make moving a little easier, it’s crucial to avoid packing and carrying things you no longer need. Having a garage sale is the best way to get rid of such things. The following are some tips for holding a successful garage sale before moving.

1. Plan for a Garage Sale

If you want to have a successful garage sale, consider planning to avoid an unnecessary last-minute rush before moving. Proper timing and choosing an appropriate day are equally crucial. You can do it in late spring to early fall and ensure that you pick a day when people aren’t working, like weekends or public holidays. For instance, you can pick Saturday and Sunday combined to sell your stuff because sometimes things don’t sell as quickly as you may plan. For the best outcome, start your sale early in the morning to ensure that you maximize the available opportunity and time.

2. Identify everything you want to Sell

Once you’ve picked a suitable, appropriate, and relevant time for your garage sale, sort out everything for sale. Put aside everything you don’t need in your next home; you’ll realize that you can sell most of it if you just try. We all have some belongings we haven’t used for years or those we’ve replaced before. Consider things like old clothes, furniture, electronics, tools, etc. People are willing to buy anything so long as they need it or think they will use it.

3. Spread the Word

You can’t make substantial sales if you don’t tell people that you have a garage sale. Consider putting posts around your neighborhood with the venue, date, and sales time details. You can also include a list of a few things you’ll be selling. Get the word out on social media, free online classifieds, or online communities and groups to reach more people. Sharing such online posts with your friends can also help you boost your reach.

4. Put Your Supplies Together

Putting all the things you want to sell together is crucial. You can use portable stands or tables to set up everything you want to sell. For instance, if you’ve many clothes for sale, you may need to look for a rack to hang them. Also, have some money to help you if you need to make a change for your prospective buyers.

5. Sort Your Items and Price them

Sorting and pricing what you’re selling is essential to make selling easy. It would help if you had tags, stickers, tapes, hangers, and ropes to attach the prices of your belongings before displaying them accordingly. Please put them in categories. For example, you can separate books, clothes, furniture, decorations, kitchen items, and tools separate from each other and into relevant categories. Don’t overprice your items. Remain realistic and focused on your goals. Get everything and sort them together to avoid wasting time laying out everything on sales day. Also, have boxes ready for packing up everything you sell.

6. Sell

Remember, your main aim is to make sales. Grab every opportunity to sell. However, expect many people to bargain with you. But also, keep in mind that you’re getting rid of the things you don’t necessarily need. So, if the price favors you, sell. Remember, disposal of items can be another expense. Plan to donate excess things that don’t sell. You can take them to the nearest donation point, Salvation Army or Goodwill.

If you’re planning to move but have a lot of belongings that you don’t need, consider following these tips for a successful garage sale. After all, you’ll be happy with an extra income from things that you don’t need while making moving much more manageable.

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