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Tips for Driving a Large Moving Truck

Moving Tips

If you make the decision not to hire a professional moving company to transport your belongings, you will likely be tasked with driving a moving truck yourself. While the smaller u-hauls aren’t much different than driving a large pick up truck, the larger ones require a few shifts in your driving habits. If you are not familiar with driving large vehicles or towing a trailer, it is important to prepare yourself before getting on the road in order to keep yourself and other drivers safe. Here are a few simple tips that can help your moving process go as smooth as possible for when you get on the road.

Slow Down

You might be anxious to get to your new place, and maybe you are behind schedule. However, the road is not the place to make up for lost time when you are driving a large moving truck, and road rage can be especially dangerous in this situation! Speeding is never ideal, but when you are driving an oversized vehicle, you especially don’t want to exceed the posted limit. You might consider even reducing your speed, and you certainly should in the event of poor weather.

Give Yourself Room

There are a lot of ways you will want to give yourself an abundance of room when driving a large moving truck.

  • Between you and other vehicles – Keep in mind that these trucks are much heavier than the vehicle you regularly drive, so they naturally take longer to come to a safe stop. Don’t tailgate other drivers, and instead, give at least the length of 5 vehicles between yours and one in front of you.
  • When turning – You will need a much wider turn space in a large moving truck than you would typically need. Don’t attempt any u-turns!
  • Parking Lots – If you have to make a stop, you will want to plan ahead. Navigating tight parking areas can lead to an unnecessary headache or damage. If you need to stop for gas, plan for a truck stop on your route so that you will have plenty of room.

Spring for the Insurance

If you’re not sure if your personal car insurance will cover your rental truck, you should double check with your agent. Odds are, personal insurance will not cover the cost to replace or repair your moving truck in the event something does happen. You are responsible for damage or theft, and keep in mind, your moving truck will likely have most of, if not all, of your personal belongings! Make sure that you are completely covered just in case something does happen.

Adjust Everything to your Comfort

You don’t want to be fiddling with different controls or mirrors once you get on the road. Take a minute before heading out to adjust your seat and familiarize yourself with the different switches you might need like windows, locks, flashers, gauges, etc. Pay extra attention to your mirrors! You won’t have the luxury of a rear view mirror, so be sure your side mirrors are set up for you to see clearly! And as always, buckle up and stay off of your phone!

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