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Why The Timing Of Your Move Matters

Moving Tips

Whether you are moving to the other side of town or to another state, there are a few critical aspects of the relocation process you have to put into consideration. First, you have to decide whether you need assistance from a professional moving company or a rented moving truck. Depending on the number of household goods, the size of the home, the fragility and value of belongings, and the time available to move, you’ll have to consider whether to engage professional packing services or ask for assistance from friends. Most importantly, you have to decide on the moving date as this ultimately affects both the cost and stress levels associated with the move. But why does deciding on the best time for the relocation matter?

Moving Budget

Most moving companies offer discounts for early bookings in the form of subsidized charges. For instance, if you book your moving date a few months in advance, even for a high season relocation, you might end up saving a small amount on the moving labor and moving truck services. Deciding on a moving date earlier on also gives you ample time to search for moving materials like packaging boxes, wrappers, and inexpensive moving trucks or companies.

Packaging Time

The last thing any mover needs is packing in a hurry. Unless your move is occasioned by an eviction or an emergency, it is important that you only decide on a moving date that allows for ample packing time. Most pro movers advise that you consider setting aside one month prior to the moving day for your packaging, especially if you insist on handling your own packing.

Amount of Help Required

The timing of a move also determines the amount of assistance required. For instance, settling on a moving day several months in advance gives you enough time to handle most of the packing on your own or with little assistance. However, having the moving day drop down on you in a matter of days only demands that you engage professional help from moving companies, thus exerting more pressure on your moving budget.

Your Preparedness

If properly executed, a move presents you with an opportunity to de-clutter your home, particularly when moving on a budget. With enough time on your hands before the move, you can organize a garage sale to rid your home off the unnecessary stuff that you and your household no longer use. The proceeds of the sale can then be used to either finance the relocation or hire storage facilities for the extra household stuff that may not fit in your new home or office.

Bottom Line

When you want to move on a budget and ensure the move turns out as stress free as possible, settle on a moving day that gives you enough time to prepare for the process. Preparation not only involves packing and de-cluttering, it also involves preparing your family or employees psychologically for the move, so having plenty of time to do so will help the process go smoothly.

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