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Ways To Scale Down Before The Move

Moving Tips

All of America moves from one home to another at some time in their life. They either mover from a small home to a larger one as their family increases, or from a large home to a smaller one as their family grows up and moves out. Many people take many unnecessary items that they no longer need to their new homes only to find that they have no room for them. Packing up for a move can be expensive, and taking furniture, clothes, or anything that you will only throw away when you get there can be avoided. It is important to downsize your current home before moving into another one.

Start downsizing large items

If you are moving to a smaller bedroom home from a large three bedroom home, it is logical that you will not need three beds with dressers for a two bedroom home. Eliminate some of the things that are not needed starting with the bedroom. Excess items can be given away, or donated to charities. Check out the new living room space, then decide what items are not necessary to carry to the new residence. Some items may be antiques or have sentimental value. Choose the things that you just will not be able to live comfortably without.

Know the Specifications of the New Home

You know what has been accumulated in your 2,000 square foot home, and now you are moving to an 1,800 square foot home. Something is not going to fit. It is vital to know what the home will hold, and what it will not hold. Clothes are the one things that many people have so many of that they take up space in more than one closet. Go through and do away with everything that is being saved until those extra pounds are lost. The children are gone, so their favorite clothes they had as children can be given to a worthy cause. Have a general estimate of what you can fit into your new home before you get there. Downsizing can save you money, and make moving somewhat easier. Keep seasonal items that you will need when the time comes.

Be sure to go through all of the boxes that are stored in the garage and attic. There may be some things that you want to throw away, and some things that you want to keep, but taking the entire box without knowing what’s in it can be costly. A good rule of thumb is to only keep things that you store for one year. If you do not use it in that time, you probably will not use it. Some things can go to other family members if they are of some sentimental family value. Place it in their care for safe keeping. In this age of digital technology, many paper documents that occupy space can be made digital, and the hard copies placed in a safe storage instead of in the boxes on the closet floor. Downsizing can save you time, energy, and money, when you are moving to another residence.

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