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Tips For Moving While Working

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It doesn’t matter if you are moving to a new apartment, town, or clear across the country. Whether you work at home or go to an office. Packing up your life can become an all-consuming process that in the end, can make you less efficient at work. How can you get ready to move while also staying on top of your workload?

Keep Your Hours At Work For Work

While it is easy to try to scrimp together a few minutes here and there to fit packing into your already hectic life, it does not always reflect well at work, where you may still want to make a good impression for future references. It is okay to pack a suitcase before you leave in the morning, or pick up some extra boxes on your lunch break, but make sure it does not cut into your work time. Coming in a few minutes late or packing up for the day a little early may not continue to go unnoticed.

This is important for those who work from home as well. While you are home it can be very easy to become distracted, and before you know it the entire day has come and gone without having done any work at your job at all. One suggestion to help combat this is to schedule particular days just for working. If you can, work a few additional hours each day so that you can take an extra day and devote it specifically to packing the house.

Make A To-Do List

A great way to stay organized, both at home and work, is to create a to-do list. Doing so will help you see what you have left to do with just a quick glance. For some people, it helps to then take this a step further by giving yourself deadlines and possibly creating daily to-do lists with no more than ten items. This ensures you will be more likely to complete all your goals and still get a good nights sleep.

Move In Stages

Packing up one room at a time can allow you to keep some semblance of a life while you are in the process of moving. Begin with the room that you use the least and work your way up, leaving the most used room for last.

Keep Your House Neat

While this may sound next to impossible, keeping up with your daily cleaning routine can help reduce stress levels and maintain some sort of sanity during this time when everything can seem up in the air. For those working from home this can be especially important, as you can become distracted by the mess around you.

Remember, waiting for the last minute to pack can set you into panic mode, which will not only effect your move but also your ability to focus while at work. Take it slow and easy, and try to set aside as much time as you can.

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