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Hand wearing a rubber glove holding a spray bottle

Tips for Safely Moving to a New Home During COVID-19

Everyday activities and celebrations have been turned upside down during the coronavirus pandemic as we find a way to do things safely. Moving to a new home is an important and exciting life milestone, but it is also a task which we need to be sure to navigate safely. It is possible to get the entire task done and to make safely moving a breeze when everyone involved is mindful of a few safety tips and does their part to…
Woman holding her back while trying to lift a heavy couch with her husband

The Risks of DIY Moving

Many people try to go it alone when moving, whether it’s to a nearby home or across the country. The reason why people avoid moving services is to save money and time. But does a DIY move really end up costing less once everything is said and done? If you’re considering relocating on your own, you should be aware of the possible risks involved during a DIY move. Security Securing your items during transportation is essential, especially for more delicate…
Two professional movers with a large appliance dolly

Professional Moving Equipment Your Movers Have

There are a lot of important reasons why a person should hire a professional to help them move. Every move has its own unique challenges no matter where a person is moving from or to. These challenges are where specialized equipment is needed and helpful. That is where a moving company steps in and lends a hand, because they always have any equipment that might be needed. Straps for Hoisting Large pieces of furniture can be hard to move, as…
A row of numbered storage units with blue doors

What Should and Shouldn’t Go in Storage Between Homes

Everyone dreams of a perfectly timed, seamless move where your lease ends as your new one begins. As great as it would be if you are able to sell your previous home the same week you close on another, this does not always happen in practice. It is not uncommon for there to be gaps between homes where you might have to stay in a temporary space that doesn’t allow for all of your furniture and belongings. One convenient option…
Christmas tree with an ornament with the text "Home"

Preparing to Relocate During the Action-Packed Holiday Season

It can be tough to go forward with a move at any normal time of the year, but it can be particularly hard to do so during the often chaotic and busy holiday season. If you want to simplify tackling a holiday move of any kind, then the first thing you should do is hire reputable professionals who can assist you. Tackling a holiday move independently may prove to be too much for most people. Take the Weather Into Consideration…
A professional packer taking notes next to a stack of packed boxes

Professional Packing Services: Everything You Need to Know to Move Forward

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It can be such a huge headache to handle any kind of relocation project. If you’re moving from a small apartment into a much larger detached home in the suburbs, it can be a time-consuming thing. If you’re moving all the way across the country to a brand new city and state, it can be just as stressful. The good news is that there are several things that you can do to decrease your moving burden a bit. You can…
Antique musical instruments

Moving Antique & Fragile Items Part 1: Planning & Packing

We all have items that could never be replaced, and are thus priceless to us. It could be a set of letters from an ancestor, an antique radio or clock, or simply an expensive fragile item. Unfortunately, not every company is equipped to deal specifically with valuable antiques, family heirlooms or fragile objects. Because of this, you may end up needing to transport your valuable and priceless objects yourself. In this series of articles, we’ll go over several steps that…
Couple packing a car before a move

How to Efficiently Pack Your Car When Moving

You have decided to move to a new home. Your family is all packed, and you have hired a moving company. However, a closer look at the brochure indicates that the company cannot move some items such as perishable food, corrosive acids, pets, power tools with gasoline, hazardous contents, and plants. You might then need to transport some belongings in your car. This article will address how clients can get the most out of the space in their personal vehicle…
Woman wrapping her items in bubblewrap

Ways to Protect Your Items During a Move

During a move from one place to another, it is common for household objects, furniture, and personal belongings to become damaged in the process. There are important steps and tips individuals must face when moving furniture and other miscellaneous belongings. Bumpers Furniture bumpers are created with top of the line fabric and materials. Resulting in protective padding to furniture and personal belongings. Using furniture bumpers to deliver cushioning and reassurance an individual’s furniture would have minimal damage during the moving…
A carton of eggs that can't be moved by a moving company or our Justin movers

Items Movers Won’t Move

Moving to a new house is a stressful activity. While you can save yourself a good deal of the hustle by hiring a reputable moving company, there are some items that movers are not allowed to move or will refuse to move for you. Some companies furnish you with a list of these items, which often include hazardous items that might cause huge losses during the journey. Below, we’ll go over a list of some of the materials which cannot…