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Moving Day Safety Tips

Moving Tips

Moving can already be a stressful and emotional time, whether you are moving across town or out of state. There is a lot of planning to do, and most likely, you are short on time and energy during the process. Here are some tips on how to avoid serious injury or damage to your property during your moving process.

Do Not Overpack Boxes

It might seem like the fastest and most efficient way to pack your home is to buy extra large boxes from Lowe’s and pack all of your dishes into one. It might make sense to put your entire bookshelf into a single box for organizational purposes. While fewer boxes might sound smart, you might be causing yourself bigger problems when it comes time to actually move those boxes.

You should keep the weight of most of your boxes under 50 pounds. You need to remember that not only will you be lifting multiple, possibly dozens of boxes, you might also need to be maneuvering stairs and tight corners. Bending down to pick up an overly packed box could cause you to actually slow down more than if you had packed 2 smaller boxes, and it could also cause injury to the person trying to lift it. Additionally, keep in mind the golden rule of lifting: bend with your knees, not with your back!

Rent Equipment

There are specific pieces of equipment that can help your moving process, especially if you have larger items to be moved. Renting a dolly is likely to help you avoid straining yourself too much in the lifting department, and it also helps speed up your moving time. If you have steps in front of your house, consider using a ramp to go down using a dolly with ease. Also, using straps to properly secure your belongs in a moving truck, truck bed, or flatbed trailer could be difference between shattered plates and a beautiful china cabinet on display. Professional movers usually carry this type of equipment to help make moving easier.

Proper Attire

It is important to be aware of what you are wearing when you move. Wearing excessively baggy or loose clothing could cause you problems by getting snagged on corners, or they could limit your range of motion that you need to move with ease. Your footwear is most important. Wearing solid, comfortable shoes with soles with good grip is very important to your safety. Wearing sandals or flip flops could cause you big problems since they slip off so easily. They can also be dangerous in the case of getting your vulnerable toes smashed in the process as well.

Be Aware of Your Space

Knowing the space that you are moving out of and into can be really helpful in avoiding major issues. Being aware of tight, hard to manage doorways or corners, or even steps coming in and out of rooms, can help avoid slow downs in the moving process. Remember to be prepared when these situations come up.

Hire Professional Movers in Fort Worth

If you can, hiring a moving company can help reduce a lot of stress on your end. Let trained professionals use their already purchased equipment to help make your moving experience as easy and as smooth as possible. For all your moving needs in and around the DFW metroplex, contact Great White, a Fort Worth and Dallas Moving Company.

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