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Top Reasons to Hire Professional Piano Movers

Moving Tips

When planning to move, you should figure out how you’re going to handle valuable and fragile belongings. Valuable belongings such as pianos require special care when moving. You don’t want to apply a DIY approach when planning to move such valuable items. While a piano may not be the largest item in a household, it is among the heaviest items in your household. Therefore, it can be disastrous to handle moving on your own when such items are involved. The following are a few of the top reasons why you should hire professional piano movers to help you out when moving.

Prevent Injury and Damage

Pianos can be heavy and vary in shapes. When stairs are involved, moving pianos on your own can expose you to the risk of injury and damage. It is easy for a piano to slip off your hands and chase you down the stairs. In addition, if you don’t lift it probably, you might hurt your back and find yourself in the hospital. Even if you don’t hurt yourself, your piano can be damaged if it slips off your hands.

Some pianos can weigh over 1000 pounds. A piano that weighs that much can be lifted by a team of between 4 and 6 strong men. Otherwise, you will probably not lift it all the way, possibly leading to damage or injury. Professional movers will bring on board both the man power needed as well as a team of members who are used to working together. They utilize standard techniques that ensures no damage or injury occurs.

Proper Moving Truck

Not all trucks are designed to carry heavy items to a tune of a 1000 pounds. Professional piano movers have specialized trucks and equipment that they use to move your belongings safely and conveniently. They also cushion your piano during packing to safeguard it from damage in case of a hazard while on transit.

The DIY method will not guarantee you total protection of your piano. Professional movers are people who do packing and moving of fragile items professionally. Therefore, they will tie down the piano in the truck to keep it safe in case it hits a pothole and give you a level of protection you cannot achieve on your own.

Cuts the Cost of Moving

As much as it may seem cheaper to avoid hiring professional movers, it will cost you more in the long-run if your piano is damaged. It will cost you a lot to tune the pins, legs, or strings if they get damaged.

Worth the Cost

There is a lot of stress associated with moving a piano on your own. Narrow hallways and other unexpected twists and turns will make the experience stressful for you. At the end of it all, you will realize that hiring professionals is worth your money. It is a better option than bothering your friends to come and help you out. You will not have to struggle with the heavy piano all-day long.

Moving a piano is not an easy task as you may think. It is a hassle. It takes professionals to get it to your new home intact and in the same condition it was before moving. If you’re looking for professional movers for your next relocation, call Great White Moving Company, a Fort Worth moving company, today to get a free quote!

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