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Why a Licensed and Insured Moving Company Matters

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You just bought a home and now it is time to move. Should you try to move your stuff yourself or hire someone? Well, let’s face it, moving is a hassle. To save yourself this hassle you really should hire someone. You already had to go through the trouble of packing up everything you and your family home, you do not need anymore work on your plate. However, nothing is going to ruin your move like hiring a less than reputable moving company and being over charged or accidentally falling victim to a scam and having all your belongings stolen. Believe it or not, it can be pretty easy to get scammed. If you’re shopping around for a mover in a good price range and you may think you scored by finding a company with a low-ball offer. However, often when this happens, these scammers will load up all your stuff and then withhold it from you until you pay more money to them. You can spare yourself this grief by making sure your movers are licensed and insured in order to protect yourself and your stuff.

What is a licensed mover?

If a mover is licensed, they much follow certain regulations and requirements. A licensed mover to have insurance, follow certain guidelines regarding safety and their financial responsibility is subject to regulations as well. The regulations and requirements for getting a license will vary state by state, and if your company is moving you across state lines, they should have a federal license which tells you the government has signed off on their business. It is in you best interest to check out your state’s requirements.

What is an insured mover?

If your mover is insurance this means they can cover small amounts of damage or loss of your property as they are handling it. However, typically the payout rate is very, very small. It is around $0.06 per pound, per item, so if they dropped your 10-pound, $1,000 speaker set, your insurance payout would be a whopping $6. An insured mover should not be confused with a mover that offers insurance, though it might be advantageous to purchase that insurance because having an insured mover doesn’t always offer a huge benefit. Conversely, purchasing the insurance would cover the full cost of any damages.

Why does hiring a licensed and insured mover matter and how do you find the right company?
When it comes to moving, you need to make sure you are protected. It may take doing a little bit of research to find, but finding a reputable moving company is worthwhile. Hiring a license and insured mover helps ensure quality and is a way to determine that a company is reputable. In order to become licensed and insured the moving company had to meet strict requirements and regulations. While having an insured mover doesn’t always offer a huge payout if your stuff is damage, hiring a licensed and insured mover will help eliminate the risk associated with other untrustworthy companies.